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Musings from an adoptive momma

Welcome to Diary of an Eomma! My name is Amy and I am wife to Appa, mom to O and P, and wearer of many hats.

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The Gathering Place

This past weekend we finally went to a new park that was opened up in our city. It has been under construction for the past few years or more and there's been a lot of hype. And being the eternal pessimist that I am, I wasn't buying into ANY of that hype. How cool can you actually make a city park, come on? Why is it taking so long? Why on EARTH are The Roots going to come to little ol' Tulsa, OK and play on opening day of this park? The traffic will be terrible, it will be t

Dear Diary

Hello, thanks for stopping by! My name is Amy and I'm mom to sweet O, wife to Appa, and wearer of many hats. If you like discussions heavily based in fun topics, hard topics, adoption, coffee consumption, sarcasm, college football, decorating, raising kiddos, rants, raves, and generally everything this is the place for you! Like any good diary, this will be chock full of all sorts of things. But first, I'll start with a little bit about me (oh, goody). Appa and I have been ma

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Thanks for your interest in Diary of an Eomma. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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