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Dear Diary.... It's Finally Fall

This morning I woke up to disappointment. My alarm went off, I stretched and popped out of bed and got my day started. Ok, that's a lie. I hit snooze 2 times and rolled out of bed with a tired groan and trudged to the restroom. My first thought was "I just gotta get through today. It's Friday." After about .2 seconds I realized it was, in fact, Wednesday. My shoulders dropped in sadness. Oh well. I knew I had to shake that off and get going. I got ready, straightened my hair (hallelujah, that never happens!), and took a look at my phone for the weather. Current temp, 59 degrees with a high of 64. PRAISE YE THE LORD! FALL! There you are, beautiful! I SO badly wanted to put on a sweater, scarf, and Ugg boots. But, first of all, I don't even own Ugg boots. And, second, I don't want to show my crazy like an over-eager girlfriend. I gotta play it cool. Look like I'm not interested in fall and hope he sticks around.

I did get to spend about 10 minutes on my back porch drinking my coffee and enjoying the cool autumn air. It was the perfect way to hit the reset button on my morning and take a pause in my day. Like most (all) moms, I don't really do that. I'm busy being busy and the thought of pausing feels like a waste most of the time. My mind is riddled with what I "should" be doing during that time instead of enjoying it. But not today. I breathed in that cool air. And soaked in the quiet. And it felt good.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I snapped of our back yard. When we looked at this house, the back yard was what captured my heart. And I'm not even outdoorsy person. I remember sitting on the previous owners outdoor furniture and imagining O playing in the yard with the dogs, fires in the outdoor fireplace on cool nights, the trees turning colors at just this time of year. In my head it was perfect and I'm so excited to see how it actually unfolds. I tell Appa all the time "Can you believe we get to live here?!" This is our dream house and I'm so thankful we get to call it home.

Happy Wednesday!

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